Examples of My Work

Wayne’s Web Design at Work

Web Design Services

  1. Website Review and recommend improvements no implementation
  2. Work on individual pages as team member
  3. Full design and implementation

 Review and Recommend Improvements

Review and Recommend

Websites where I recommended improvements.

Work on individual pages as team member

Wayne’s Web Design Building



I am both the founder and web master for this site created using site builder.

Site builder is a easy to use web page editor that is ideal when a updates are made by a single web master.

Home Page of MVHS-Adams

Loveland Youth Gardeners

This WordPress site has great pictures and illustrates the use of right column

There are a large number of pages.  WordPress allows multiple web masters each responsible for a portion of the pages


Home Page of Loveland Youth Gardeners


Afghan Coalition

This WordPress site uses the same page structure for all pages which provides a consistent user interface.

The message is excellent and gives information that motivates giving.


Home Page of Afghan Coalition


Genesis Joy House


Workman with Wrench and Computer