Make Your Website Pay

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Have you checked the affiliate programs of Amazon, eBay, Office Depot, and others?
You add a link to the merchant online shopping site on your web site and they pay a reward of 2%-10% of shoppers total bill when they shop through your site.
There is no cost to the shopper and you benefit. You do not need to be a non-profit to become an affiliate.
How to Become an affiliate
  1.  If you have a BOD inform them of this new funding opportunity and get approval. Some BOD members are concerned that your site will favor some merchants.
    The answer is to list several merchants and add more as the new merchants requested.
  2. Go to affiliate program on the merchant’s website. Register as an associate by providing where to direct payments and organization contact data.
  3. Get HTML code insert to add to a website.
  4. Create a page to list merchants with affiliate links. Add the link to the merchant (add code from step 4).
  5. 5. Add convenient links to “Shop and Donate” so site visitors can shop. Contact me to start