Web Site Review (free)

At no cost to you,  I will create a report detailing the recommended improvements to your website.

The report includes

  • Site visitor’s the first impressions
  • Does oranization of pages provide an organized presention of information
  • Do grahics and videos enhance message
  •  Are all fund raising options used
  • What is need to make your website visually handicsapped accesoible
  • Is site kanguage level approprisate for audience


You are under no obligation to use my services to make recommended improvements.


Web Site Graphic Design and Implementation

web design.png
Designers in Action

I will be happy to make desired changes to your website or build your new website.  I can make changes to an existing site without affecting current content.  The new changes will be published to readers only after you approve of changes.  If the change is simply correct spelling or to increase font size (no change to content),  the change will be made to live site (IF you authorize).


All work is guaranteed 100% satisfied or no fee.

Search Engine Submission

A great web site that no one can find is a waste of effort

 Analytics (Traffic Analysis)

Word Collection About Analytics

Analytics is a fancy name for analysis of site traffic.  The first time visitor, duration of stay, and repeat visitors determine how effective your message is received.  You will get reports so you can determine what changes are desired.


I will add HTML code to the web site header to enable web site tracking.

Continued Update & Maintenance with Live Support

maintenmcwe tune uop
Characterisation of Computer Holding a Wrench

A website needs to keep content current.  Dates  and  events must be updated and kept relevant.  The label “out of date”  kills repeat visits.  A regular check up of your web site will pay dividends.


I offer the low annual fee to do the desired alterations to keep your website current.


Have a question?  
  Phone or e-mail for your questions is provide for all users.  You do not need to be a client
(please do your homework before asking).

Bull shit is free.  No extra charge for my best answer.  Usually correct.

When You Need a HELP

If you need professional help, Wayne’s Web Design has a wide-range of expertise that includes creating custom web pages., converting files (Word, PDF, or image) to a web page.  Fund raising is my area of expertises, donations, support from Amazon Smile, donation of vehicle are revenue.    If you need a little or a lot of help, I will try my best.

Wayne’s Web Design is a great resource to take advantage of  if you don’t have the time or the technical capability to create the quality web site desired to accomplish a successful marketing campaign.

Please feel free to reach out to Wayne’s Web Design by emailing



Search engines like Yahoo, Google, Ask, and many more will list your web site.  However, the web site must be registered and recommended search terms included. I will add search terms (meta data) and register your website with the major search engines.


Computer Monitor

I offer a review of your website with recommendations for improvement.  This is a no-cost review.  You can use the information to make changes or if you wish to contract with me to make changes.