About Me


About Me

Wayne’s Web Design mission is to improve the appearance and usability of websites one website at a time. Our all-in-one strategy allows website managers to pay one fee for design, maintenance, search engine optimization and registration services.  Specializing in non-profit websites allows us to discover and use the most effective methods for fund raising.
I continue to find new and unique ways to raise money and expand our services to meet your needs.   I do not offer hosting services but will recommend a hosting provider.

Wayne’s Web Design provides the technical knowledge to take your ideas to the web. You can start small with a basic information page and expand to add to online sales.

Wayne’s Web Design is a small business so each website is like a friend that I know and are proud of the efforts to make the site a success. We provide personal service and guarantee satisfaction or no fee. A happy and satisfied customer is our best advertisement.

Wayne’s Web Design works on improving our services. If you’re looking to build your on-line presence and haven’t decided where to drop anchor, give me a try. We’d love to become your home on the web,

Consultant’s Creed

This is my  creed that governs my decisions and actions.

Teach to fish
Man Holding Pole with Fish

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a night – teach a man how to fish,
he’ll never go hungry again”

I strongly believe in that idiom, and strive to not only help clients, but teach them to help themselves.
I  teach clients willing to learn how to modify their website themselves.

Background and Career

I am a 78-year-old (young at heart) ex-IBMer that spent my life in Mid West of USA.

  • Born and spent youth at 7,000 feet altitude in Colorado’s San Louis Valley.
    I love Colorado scenery, cool crisp air, and friendly people.
  • Attended college Adams State University (Alamosa, Colorado)
    Graduated in 1962 BS Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Attended college Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas)
    Graduated in 1964 MS Applied Mathematics
  • Worked 27 years at the IBM development laboratory (Rochester, MN)
    Worked as an application and system programmer, system designer, speaker, team leader, and finally a lead project manager.  I managed projects and not people.
  • I retired from IBM in 1991 and worked 15 years as speaker and consultant on OS/400 security

Today,  I am retired and live in a retirement community in Tucson AZ.  I spend my days working on my computer, swimming, growing cactus, and am involved with our home owner’s association government.  I enjoy using my computer skills to refurbishing old computers and designing websites for non-profits.

You may ask, “Why does a 78-year-old want a job”?

I work to stay young at heart and mind.  I seek the challenge of new ideas and the associate with colleagues.

Wayne’s Web Design Logo

I am considered outgoing, bright,self-driven and a computer geek. I have been married 54 years to my wife Ellen.  We have three Three (3) fine grown children (2 BOYS 1 GIRL) and Four (4) grandchildren. (1 BOY 3 GIRLS)

IBM Logo

After graduation, I started at IBM in 1964.  I started in the era of the punched card, have transitioned to on-line, calculators, cell phones, and now the INTERNET.

In my 27 years with IBM, I worked in four major areas.

  • I programmed IBM financial using COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, and assembler.
  • I helped IBM move from punched cards to on-line as a designer and programmer of a terminal based data entry and on[line storage of program source using a IBM2260 terminal system before the advent of PCs.  The demise of punched cards,
  • I designed software for an IBM-Mayo Clinic join study of computer monitoring of patients after open heart surgery in 1996-7.
  • My last 10 years at IBM, were in System Development of IBM Midrange systems.
    I helped design and implement many  S/38 and OS/400 operating system features.
    I am proud to day programs written in 1997 are in use today.

    • I designed the command interface to S/38 and OS/400. This included the control language CL, command prompter, work management, security, and other base system features but not the communications or data base.
    • I was a programmer, team leader, quality assurance,  and technical project designer and technical manager.   I manage projects not people.
    • I was lead designer of double-byte support for ideographic languages (Japan, China, and Korea).   No, I do not speak or understand these languages but storing data in any language is the same except two bytes are required to make up a single ideographic character.  Each ideographic character is represents word
    • IBM holds a patent in my name for multiple languages on the same computer. Each user can select the language they desire to use to communicate with the applications.  Language libraries allow the same multi-user system to communicate in the language of the users choice.
    • I initiated the US government C2 security certification project for OS/400 but left IBM before the system as certified.

    • 4506VV4010

AS/400 Family of Systems was 6 models in 1999

In my career I programmed and operated many IBM systems:

  • Unit record (punched card) equipment 010, 026 and 029 keypunch, 101 sorter, 514 reproducing punch, and 702 tabulator and summary punch.
  • Computers 1620, 1401, 1410, 1440, 7090/94. 2000, 1800, S/360. S/370
  • Midrange computers S/3. S/32. S/36. S/38. AS/400 (and all names since)
  • Personal computers – I paid the employee discount price of $8025 for first day issue IBM PC in 1981.

I paid extra for the expanded ram upgrade from 8k to 16k. Since then, I have owned about 100 PCs not counting tablets and cell phones.

My career has expanded from punch cards in 1960’s  to today’s hand held computers with more computing power than a room full of the first computers.


Man at Desk Consulting with Client

  • I shared the IBM OS/400 story with customers world-wide and was a well-liked speaker. This lead to my decision to spend full time speaking and conducting OS/400 security audits.
  • After 27 years at IBM, I took early retirement and became a speaker and security consultant. I travelled world wide speaking and conducting security audits.
  • I wrote a security column that later became the book “AS/400 Security by Wayne O Evans”.


Road Sign with words Active Retirement
  • I retired from constituting in 2005. I have NOT stopped work as I enjoy designing and implementing web pages (pro-bona) for non-profits. I helped 8 in 2016 and have 10 nearing completion  in 2017.
  • I use TAPROOT+ to find non-profits that want web design services.
  • I am active in local politics.

  • I served on the BOD of our home-owner’s association

  • I helped on election of county officials

  • I swim daily at Tucson Estates for exercise and visit with other retirees
  • I grow and  give away desert plants on my front porch
  • I refurbish computes  and  give away or sell at cost to our community
  • I enjoy short walks at Sonora Desert Museum with my wife

    Wayne and Wife Married Since 1993


I support education and have donated funds to my schools.  I founded a high school scholarship..  Adams State University and Kansas State University have mathemastics/science scholarships in my name.

  I enjoy watching sports but I support academics over athletics.  My view is that the role of higher education is to train tomorrow’s leaders for jobs that improve mankind and not produce more overpaid coaches, athletes, and build expensive stadiums.

My heroes are Jessie Owens, Lincoln, FDR, Jack Kennedy, John Glenn and several of my teachers in high school and college,  I respect the service of veterans, police, teachers, and other people that help others 

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Wayne O Evans Signature

The purpose of education is not to teach
facts but to teach students how to learn.