Non-profit Website design is my speciality.  

I have learned and use the methods other charities found effective in informing their visitors and fund raising

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I recommend a simple approach o your website


• Welcome your site visitors

 • Inform visitors of your services

(Mission,  Programs, Accomplishments  and long-term Dreams)

• Tell your story using simple words (8th-grade level)

• Invite visitors to become donors, volunteers,and advocates

• Motivate site visitors by explaining the need and how  donations are used

Illustrate  your story with many pictures

• Vision Impaired  Access just follow simple rules

— Caption pictures

— Use self-describing buttons (Button text is specific

“Detailed Description ” is better than:”More”)

— High Contrast (Black on White not Light Gray on White)

— Use large and simple fonts   (Minimum 20 point)

–Add alternative text to describe images   Alternative text is read by vision assist software to interpret the image for a visually impaired visitor.

— Avoid color alone to distinguish items to assist color blind visitors.

(Example “Red items marked with an asterisk * are required”

Added benefit of the Use Alt Attributes to Optimize Images
Search engines aren’t able to fully interpret the content of images without textual support. That’s why using Alt text to describe your images is so important: it allows search engines to understand the image content.

More Design Tips

When it comes to design, there are a few rules
Make It Responsive
Does your site look as good on a mobile device as it does on a monitor?
Take It Easy
Your site’s navigation must be easy to use. A frustrated visitor is a one-time visitor. Make sure your site is a breeze to navigate.
Keep It Clean
Clutter is confusing. Make sure your site only has the necessary information and images. Too much stuff is too much stuff.

Why are inages important?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Visuals are known to improve learning and retention by a whopping 400%!

The reasons behind this phenomenon are obvious, from shorter attention spans (thanks to smartphones) to the fact that we absorb information faster when there are graphics.

The simple truth is that our brains are wired for infographics. Over half of our brain is specifically dedicated to processing visual information. And 65% of people are visual learners,

Content with visuals gets 94% more views, and readers are 80% more likely to read information that includes visuals.

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Not Much Money

 Web Design Skills

I retired in 2005, after a career (27 years) with IBM as a computer programmer and system designer and an independent consultant and speaker on OS/400 Security (15 years.

In 2016,  the passing of a high school classmate caused me to start a charity to give a college scholarship to a graduate of my high school.  I created my first web page www.MVHS-Adams.com  to encourage giving by others classmates.   I enjoyed web page design, so  I joined TAPROOT+ and Catchfire. Ihttps://www.taprootplus.orghttps://www.taprootplus.orghttps://www.taprootplus.org have completed over 20 website design projects (pro-bona).   My IBM experience in user interface design is valuable when  I design websites.


I would like to assist you in new website design and the update of existing websites.

Logo for site is avcspifervb werb with words Wayne's Web Design in center

As I reviewed non-profit websites, there were similar problems that made the website less effective.  See   Common Website Mistakes by Non-profits’  documents the common mistakes

This website is accessible for the vision impaired.

See ‘How to Make a Website Accessible for the Vision Impaired” .

While creating over 20 websites,  I  learned to use the web page editors WordPress, Kix, Site-Builder, and Square space.

  • The WordPress editor is the most popular with 28% of all websites.  I learned (school of hard knocks) the vast number of options available in WordPress. WordPress allows simultaneous updates to DIFFERENT pages on the same website.  This makes WordPress ideal for a website with multiple programmers making updates.
  • The KIX and Site Builder editors are easier to use but have fewer software options.  All web pages are replaced at the same time so this editor is best used by a single web programmer.   If multiple programmers make updates care must be taken to avoid simultaneous updates.
  • Square space has a good editor but my experience the fees charged are higher.

    The Square-space is only hosted by one company and no competition allows higher fees.

    For the cost-conscious, I do not recommend Square-space.

  • HTML and CPANEL should be used only by experts as these editors require very exact coding (not a what you see is what you get editor).   I know enough HTML to make minor changes but I do not want to become an expert.

The MY WORK  tab in services on this website has examples of my websites including links to the websites.


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